A look into what we can do for our athletes.


The IOC Athletes’ Commission represents future, current and recently retired Olympic athletes.


Our mission is to represent athletes within the Olympic Movement and support them to succeed in their sporting and non-sporting careers.

Athlete 365

Athlete 365 is by athletes for athletes.

It builds trust between Athletes and the IOC.

It increases engagement between Athletes and the IOC.

It improves relationships between Athletes and the IOC.



Roles & Responsibilities


Anolyn Lulu heads the athletes commission for Vanuatu and has done so for a number of years.

With programs including Voices of the Athletes, Anolyn looks to inspire and assist athletes wherever possible.

The voices of the athletes program has five key messages

Be a Leader (As an Athlete)

Play True - Clean Athlete (Anti-Doping Messages)

Play Safe - Safe environment (No form of Harassment, Stop HIV)

Go Green - No plastic (4 Rs - Reduce, Refuse, Re-use and Recycle)

Stay Healthy - NCD awareness (SNAP) - Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol and Physical Inactivity - unhealthy lifestyle that causes NCD (Non Communicable Diseases)