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A Successful Children’s Day Celebration

On Wednesday 24 July 2019, the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) organised its 2019 Children’s Day celebration, working in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Vanuatu Association of Sports And National Olympic Committee (VASANOC).

A large number of parents and children gathered at Korman Stadium to join the celebration under the theme “Promoting Sports in Education”.

Many dedicated staff from the MoET, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and VASANOC supported the celebration, acting as guides and providing information to parents and children on sport and education.

VASANOC, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the MoET combined efforts to deliver a day full of excitement and activities for children.

The day started with a march, led by a brass band and followed by Jean-Pierre Nirua, Minister of Education and Training, Henry Vira, the Director General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Antoine Boudier, VASANOC President.

As part of the ceremony, the Vanuatu athletes that have recently returned from competing in the Pacific Games in Samoa were introduced.

The returning athletes were applauded for their efforts, including those who won medals for their country. The speeches and introduction of the athletes were followed by the official cutting of 2019 Children’s Day cakes.

“Today for Children’s Day celebration, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and VASANOC want to give you, all the children, a special gift,” Minister Nirua stated.

“Today you are the very first to meet the athletes who just came back from Apia after the 2019 Pacific Games.”

He added, “We hope that today you will be inspired by the journey of our Vanuatu athletes, because among all of you are some of our future athletes.

“One day some of you will be the ones proudly wearing the medals.”

The opening ceremony was followed by demonstrations of 13 sport disciplines.

The showcasing gave the children a chance to meet the athletes and the coaches, as well as experience some new sports. Lunch was provided by the MoET to refuel the aspiring athletes before watching the soccer final.

The event was a major success, with parents, children and community members attending.

The MoET would like to thank all those who supported the celebration and contributed to its success, including Vanuatu Water, TVL and Vanuatu Education Support Program (funded by the Government of Australia).

A special thank you to VASANOC, the Pacific Games athletes and the dedicated staff from the MoET and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Source: DAily Post

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