• Jamal Vira (VASANOC)

VASANOC Approves Child Protection Policy

VASANOC Executive Board approved the final draft of its Child Protection Policy on Tue 4 September.

VASANOC CEO, Henry Tavoa, said “As the National Association for Sports in Vanuatu, approving such a policy is timely because VASANOC works mainly with Youth and Children through the National Federations and in Team Vanuatu”

The Policy applies to VASANOC Board Members, Staff, Commissions and Working Groups, and all members of Team Vanuatu to any Games under VASANOC. It also provides a Code of Behavior that forms basis of appropriate and ethical conduct for all.

CEO Tavoa added that, “We are reading and hearing stories of abuses of children by many leaders in organizations locally and globally. And sport is no exception. This Policy will help VASANOC and National Federations stop such abuses”.

The Policy refers to the Vanuatu Family Protection Act, the National Child Policy 2016-2026 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

CEO Tavoa said, “VASANOC congratulates the National Federations that already have such a Policy and encourages other NFs to do same so that together Vanuatu Sport will continue to become Child-Friendly organizations”

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