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Meet Lydie Petersen-Visser: New Board member of VASANOC

Updated: May 12

Lydie was elected at the last Annual General Meeting which took place on April 22, 2021 at the Holiday Inn.

Lydie Petersen at the AGM 2021 - @VASANOC
Lydie Petersen at the AGM 2021 - @VASANOC

She was elected at the same time as Stéphanie Mahuk and both replace Kathie Simon and Alan Kalfabun. The President on behalf of VASANOC thanked them for their years of service to us by wishing them the best for the future and hoping that our paths will cross again. With two new women elected, the VASANOC board fully respects parity.

Lydie Petersen-Visser  - @VASANOC
Lydie Petersen-Visser - @VASANOC

Newly elected to the VASANOC board, Lydie Petersen-Visser adds another line to her already full résumé. Indeed, after a BTS specializing in international trade she began her career at Automative Company where she was Administration and Stock Manager. She worked there for 17 years. For the last three years she is working for Electrical Company as an Administration and Financial manager.

Alongside her career, Lydie has always kept one foot in sport, she practices rowing, tennis, squash, weightlifting, crossfit and golf. In addition to practicing all these sports, she is involved in community life, Chairlady and national liaison officer for the Rowing Federation and Secretary of the Squash Federation.

With her election as a board member, Lydie Petersen further confirms her presence in the local sporting landscape and hopes to bring her experience to VASANOC.

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