• Amel Zmirli

National Federations celebrated Christmas in advance

On the occasion of Krismas in the Park, the event organized by the VBTC, the national federations introduced the youngest to sport. The event took place from December 2-5 at Saralana Park.

Teqball and VASANOC team with Santa Claus

For four days, VASANOC was invited as an Olympic Committee to promote sports practice. So, with the help of its National Federations, VASANOC organized activities focused on the discovery of sport from December 2 to 4.

On the first day, the children were able to learn what Teqball is, a sport that combines the practice of football and table tennis. On the second day, the Netball Federation and the Australia Football League provided entertainment. On Friday, the Taekwondo, Karate, Volleyball and Rugby Union federations gave various demonstrations which captivated the audience.

Karate girl

Finally, several of these sports met again on Saturday for a final session.

They were also able to benefit from a snack provided by the K2 restaurant which knew how to satisfy the greediest children.

The VASANOC thanks the VBTC for its invitation but also its National Federations and their sport officer who responded present and who did a wonderful job during these four days.

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