• Jamal Vira (VASANOC)

Surfing, Darts and Skiing become Members of VASANOC

The 2018 ordinary and extra-ordinary VASANOC AGMs approved the applications for the Vanuatu Surfing Association, the Vanuatu Darts Federation and the Vanuatu Ski Federation as new members. The new VASANOC members are now the recognized National Federation for their respective sports in Vanuatu.

Surfing and Darts, whilst relatively new have built a name for themselves locally. The membership of these associations allows federations such as The Vanuatu Surfing Associations whose Leimalo Surf competition draws on the diverse local talent of local surfers and attracts international attention, to further their development and gain further funding through respective grants provided by VASANOC.

Perhaps more of a surprise though is the emergence of the Vanuatu Ski Federation which marks a new age as the first-ever NF for a winter sport in Vanuatu opening many doors for athletes and a new sport development for Vanuatu in the process.

The total number of Nationals Federations affiliated to VASANOC is now 24.

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