• Amel Zmirli

Team Tokyo come back press conference

One week after getting out of the quarantine, the Team Tokyo spoke to the press for the first time since the end of the Olympic Games.

They spend one month away in Japan to represent Vanuatu on the biggest sport stage of the world. With this competition done, we know that it is possible for our athletes to travel safely in order to represent Vanuatu at a worldwide event.

Their adventure in Tokyo went well and they did the best they could during their matches. Indeed for our athletes who didn’t compete for a year even more it was hard to be competitive against the best athletes of the world who had the best training and the opportunity to compete at the international competition. Some of them had to adapt such as Hugo Cumbo for Judo who was training in Vanuatu with someone on a different category until he arrived in Tokyo.

The very strict protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19 forced our delegation to stay inside the Olympic village which means that they couldn't see the city of Tokyo, but the team stayed positive by saying that they had a nice room with a beautiful view. The fact that they were no public didn’t help them too but this one was present on the Social media.

It is on this virtual platform that our flag bearer broke the Internet with his custom skirt. He said that he was proud that he represented Vanuatu. To show his gratitude Rio Rii and his family agreed to donate the skirt to the Olympic Museum located in Lausanne.

At last, the VASANOC would like to acknowledge the help of the Vanuatu government through the Ministry of Youth and Sport Development, and all the stakeholders which made this adventure possible.

The VASANOC is now focused on the next Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympic Games.

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