• Amel Zmirli

The first Pop-up sport of the year.

Last Friday at the Feiawa Park, on the seafront of Port-Vila took place the first pop-up sport of the year.

For this first, it was the National Tennis Federation that took the plunge. It has been a success overall despite a slow start.

Tennis SDO playing
Tennis SDO playing

Indeed, during lunchtime many wondered what these tennis courts were doing in the middle of the park. After a demonstration from the sports development officers of the federation, curious people approached and began to play as well. This had the effect of attracting even more people and each in turn was able to play and share a good time in joy and good humor.

After the meal, the children who left school were also intrigued by the system put in place. It did not take much to see them lining up, playing and having fun with the rackets as well.

This event is in line with the policy of VASANOC but also of the city of Port-Vila which wants to encourage not only the youngest but everyone to practice regular physical activity.

We therefore wish to thank the town hall but also the municipal teams who were in the field and who participated in the smooth running of this pop-up.

Join us next month to discover a new sport!

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