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Trevor Johnston shares with us his experience and how he braved the world's highest summit.

Trevor Johnston was present at the VASANOC premises this morning to talk about his ascent of Mount Everest (8,848m) to Team Vanuatu athletes and other team members.

Trevor Johnston's story begins in South Africa, where he grew up during the apartheid era. After some difficult years he seized the opportunity of his life by applying for the “Everest North Ridge” expedition in 1998 where a group of six South African climbers were selected to represent South Africa in an attempt to ascent of Mount Everest.

This expedition changed his life and even though he did not make it to the top, it is still an extraordinary experience that he shares in order to motivate and inspire people.

He himself says it was a "spectacular failure" which allowed him to live other adventures which led him to the New Zealand Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) program for which he works today.

He was present this morning at the VASANOC Haos to share his story in front of the athletes and members of Team Vanuatu. Sports represented this morning were Rowing, Beach Volleyball, Judo and para-athletics. The motivational talk facilitated by Mr. Johnson is part of the Team building activities for our top athletes who are training and committing themselves to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games postponed to July 2021.

They were very happy to receive and interact with Mr. Trevor Johnston.

Mr Trevor Johnston at the back of the picture (black shirt) and athletes of the Team Vanuatu
Credit photo @VASANOC

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