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Vanuatu beach Volleyball team prepares for China

Vanuatu beach volleyball women’s team will depart the country this Sunday to compete in an Fédération Internationale de Volleyball(FIVB) World Tour Three Stars competition in China.

The tournament will be held from October 30 to November 3 at Qinzhou, China.

Following their return from the World Beach Games in Doha, Qatar last fortnight the team continued their dedication and sacrifices for the China tour.

The federation will be sending two senior women’s teams which includes a team of the experience Miller Pata with Sherysyn Toko and Loti Joe with Maybel Ravo.

FIVB President highlights importance of growth in Oceania

FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça had series of meetings with National Federations from the Oceania Zonal Volleyball Association in Hawaii on October 10 and highlighted the importance of growth of the sport in the Oceania region.

It was a historic meeting between the two organisations, marking the first time an FIVB President has presided over a meeting dedicated to Oceania with all the FIVB member-federations from the region present apart from Australia.

President Ary Graça re-affirmed his commitment to the region, investing in new initiatives through the FIVB Development Projects Platform, as well as working with the International Olympic Committee via the Olympic Solidarity programme.

The FIVB President met with the National Federations of Oceania to share his thoughts on their strategy and propose new ideas for future projects as well as to update them on the FIVB innovations and key events. The delegation also talked about plans for growing volleyball and beach volleyball throughout the region.

“Today’s meeting was a clear indication that the Oceania Zonal Volleyball Association can rely on the FIVB and, equally, we have a clear vision for the future that includes high-performance initiatives and more events in the region.

The high performance projects are all focused on beach volleyball with Australia being the only one applying for the indoor volleyball high-performance support,” President Ary Graça said.

“In the last three years, we have approved all 39 projects submitted to us, and I look forward to working closely with the NFs to ensure this investment leads to significant growth of volleyball and beach volleyball.

Together, we can create the next generation of stars in Oceania. I would like to assure everyone that Oceania is no longer abandoned as it was in the past.”

Source: Daily Post

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