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Yesterday evening, the VASANOC had its AGM at the Holiday Inn.


A lot of things happened during the AGM. Indeed, it is a unique moment for the VASANOC and all the NF to gather all together and discuss about the matters of sport in Vanuatu. And this year was not an exception. A total of 20 National Federation attended yesterday evening. Most of the board members were here too and also the Director of Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Mr Henry Tavoa was here.

The president Antoine Boudier opened the AGM with a welcoming speech and thanked everyone for coming.

Mrs. Kathie Simon made a pray. After they went throughout the agenda quickly, everyone approved the minutes of 2020 AGM, debated about the matters arising from 2020 Agenda Minutes. And they all approved the VASANOC annual report of 2020, the NF Activities Reports of 2020, the VASANOC Financial and Audit Reports of 2020 and the VASANOC 2021 Budget. All the federation agreed on the fact that 2020 was a difficult year for the sport due to Covid-19 and the postpone of the Olympic Games.

This year was an election year for the president and four of the board members.

Mr. Alan Kalfabun, Mr William Worworkon, Mrs Julia King and Kathie Simon were coming to the end of their term. The outgoing president Mr. Antoine Boudier was the only candidate so according to the VASANOC Constitution, he was declared elected.

Mr. Antoine Boudier, President of VASANOC - @VASANOC
Mr. Antoine Boudier, President of VASANOC - @VASANOC

Prior the election of new boards member, President Antoine Boudier thanked Alan Kalfabun for his years of service as a VASANOC Board member and Marketing officer, he wished him the best and hope that relations will remain cordial.

Mr William Worworkon, Mrs Julia King, Kathie Simon, Stéphanie Mahuk and Lydia Petersen were candidates for the four vacant positions on the board. The voting results shows that Mr William Worworkon and Mrs Julia King kept their seats while Ms. Stephanie Mahuk and Ms Lydia Petersen were the newly elected members of the board.

Kathie Simon was not elected however, newly re-elected President, Antoine Boudier thanked Kathie and made special mention for her tremendous input to the VASANOC board throughout her term. He wished her all the very best on behalf of the current board. Kathie remains a stronghold for Vanuatu Netball.

There were also three nominations for positions of Life Members of VASANOC. The three candidates were unanimously approved to become Life Members. There is Mr. Mark Stafford, Mr. Michell Mainguy and Mr. Seru Korikalo.

Cyrille Mainguy (middle), Secretary General of VASANOC - @VASANOC
Cyrille Mainguy (middle), Secretary General of VASANOC - @VASANOC

Antoine Boudier made an update regarding the current Covid-19 situation and the Olympic Games. He said that VASANOC is currently working with the Vanuatu Government to get the vaccines for the athletes and delegations that might need to travel in June 2021 in order to compete for the qualification of Tokyo. It is hard because at this moment the athletes are not considered as priority but he believes that a solution can be found.

Julia King gave an update regarding the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and said that everything is ready, but they nevertheless remain cautious because the pandemic is hard to predict at this moment.

Also the Vanuatu Teqball Federation has been approved as a new member of VASANOC.

To finish the President closed the meeting after again thanked everyone for coming.

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