• Amel Zmirli

VASANOC to Run National Federations Awareness week

In line with its new policy, the VASANOC team organized last week an awareness workshop for national federations. These took place on Monday 8th, Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th of February.

These three days served to strengthen the links between the National Federations and the National Olympic Committee. Thus, VASANOC was able to present its new governance policy to its federations and also introduced its new members who arrived in 2020.

First day of Awareness @VASANOC 2021

The presentation focused on VASANOC's vision, mission, values and how federations can help VASANOC spread its message to as many people as possible. There was also an administrative reminder concerning the documents to be completed and sent in order to benefit from funds that will help to set up sports development programs.

Indeed, through Olympic solidarity, the committee supports numerous development programs which allow many people to discover new sports every day. Olympic sports can benefit directly from these funds, other sports can have the support of commissions, such as the Athletes' Commission or the Women In Sports Commission.

Moreover, Julia King chair for Vanuatu Women in Sports Commission, also intervened to sensitize the federations to the involvement of women in sport in Vanuatu and to what extent they play an important role whether it is at the level of athletes or local life.

With most of federations responding favorably, this week has been a success for the National Olympic Committee and its team.

After this event we can say that the 2021 season is officially launched.

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